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1. Q. Who do I contact for information about the basketball program?

A. For information about the BAYS basketball program you should; 1.Check the web site: 2.Contact the age group coordinator or the appropriate person related to the question; 3.Contact commissioner

2. Q. My child is playing a fall sport and missed the fall open gyms. Will he be placed on a team?

A. Yes, the fall open gyms are considered extra time. Everyone must go through the evaluations held in October

3. Q. Can my child participate in the spring and fall open gym sessions?

A. Any child registered with the BAYS Basketball program for the current year is eligible to participate.

4. Q. Who do I contact for information about my account balance, refunds, or other fees?

A. For financial information, please contact the Registrar or Commissioner

5. Q. I requested that my son play on a team with his friends. Why wasn't this accommodated?

A. Commissioners, Age Group Coordinators and Coaches do try to accommodate this for all age groups. We make every effort to accommodate requests for kids to play together, within reason. Some cannot be accommodated in other age groups for a variety of reasons related to other requests (such as nights that a kid can practice not consistent with the nights the other kid can practice). The most frequent reason a request cannot be granted is because we are going to great lengths to make Parity among teams. If a particular grouping of boys will make one team much stronger or weaker than the other teams, we cannot accommodate that request unless there are particularly unusual circumstances.

6. Q. What should I expect in terms of a time commitment for basketball?

A. Each team is typically allotted one practice slot per week for the entire season. Typically this slot is one hour. Before the games begin, there is often additional gym time made available for a second practice. Games generally begin the second week in December and there is one game per week for a 10 game season followed by playoffs (for certain leagues). Some coaches are able to secure additional gym time on their own for additional practices. County league games are once per week, though many County coaches enter their teams in additional leagues or tournaments.

7. Q. Why is my child's team not getting the same amount of gym time as some of the other teams? And fewer games?

A. When we schedule the league, every team in each league has the same number of scheduled games as the other teams in that league, with roughly the same spread of times for the games. We use county school facilities for all of our practices and games. When we are using facilities controlled by
Anne Arundel County, we are subject to unscheduled interruptions in those facilities for school activities such as productions, concerts, or meetings. We also get unscheduled interruptions due to weather. These interruptions are unpredictable and, inevitably, affect teams disproportionately. With the demand on gyms at an all time high, we will do our best to try to makeup games. Age Group Coordinators will try to even out the number of games played before the playoffs.

8. Q. What can I do to help?

A. 1) Volunteer to help your Age Group Coordinator and or Coach; (2) send us your ideas; and (3) Please register onlime

9. Q. What is the Refund Policy?

A. Refunds are given at the sole discretion of the commissioner. There will be no refunds once your child has been placed on a team or they didnt make a county team and then moved to the community league.

10. Q. What program should I place my child in? Community or County

A. Community is for beginners/average players with the emphasis being on skill building and having fun. County is for experienced players who want a higher level of competition. If you are on the fence, please select county. If your child is not selected to play on a county team, you will be refunded the difference between the programs.

11. Q. What if my child does not make the county team? Where will he/she be placed?

A. If your child does not make a county team in the age group they will be placed in the community league. They will need to come to the community evaluations. You will be refunded the difference between the programs.

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