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League Rules


  1. Have Fun
  2. Build Self-esteem
  3. Teach fundamental basketball skills
  4. Promote team play


  1. Ball / Rim
  • 4-5 clinic youth ball (27.5) / eight foot hoops
  • 6-7 Coed youth ball (27.5) / eight foot hoops / use of lane for defense only
  • 8-9 Boys - intermediate ball (28.5) / nine foot hoops / no defense past the restraining line (between free throw line and half court)
  • 8-9 Girls - youth ball (27.5) / nine foot hoops / no defense past the restraining line (between free throw line and half court)
  • 9-10 Boys intermediate ball (28.5) / full court only the last two minutes of fourth quarter
  • 9-10 Girls intermediate ball (28.5) / full court only the last two minutes of fourth quarter
  • 10-11 Boys intermediate ball (28.5) / full court press last two minutes of fourth quarter
  • 10-11 Girls intermediate ball (28.5) / full court press last two minutes of fourth quarter
  • 12-13 Boys official ball (29.5) / ten feet
  • 12-13 Girls intermediate ball (28.5) / ten feet

We will follow the National High School Federation Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Each game will consist of (4) four, (8) eight minute quarters. The clock will be a running clock that will only stop for time outs, injuries, substitutions, shooting fouls(clock will restart when referee hands the shooter the ball), and the last (2) two minutes of play. Breaks between the quarters will be one minute in length. Half time is five minutes in length or what time allows. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a (2) minute overtime period. If the game is still tied it will be recorded as a tie.
  2. Each team is allowed (2) two time outs per game. No carryover. Each time out is one minute in length. Overtime each team will receive (1) one, (1) one minute timeout.
  3. There will be a break after (4) four minutes of play for substitutions. Please have players ready. All players must play at least half or the equivalent amount of time based on the number of players at the present game. Remember this not a time out. There are no substitutions allowed. unless there is an injury.
  4. If a team is leading by (10) or more points, full court press will not be allowed.
  5. The clock will stop the last two minutes of the forth quarter on the whistle for a foul or violation, and in overtime.
  6. Fast breaks are allowed and encouraged.

For age 7 and under, zone defense only.
For age 8/9U, man to man defense only.
For age 10 and up, coaches can decide which to use, but we reserve the right to change and require man to man defense during the season if needed.

Defensive Alignment:
4/5U - two feet in the lane during any scrimmaging
6/7U - one foot in the lane
8/9U - stay below the foul line extended to either sideline
10/11U - stay below the top of the key
12/13U - stay below the top of the key

- For ages 10+, half court press is allowed during the last 2 minutes of each half. Defensive players can go anywhere on the half court they are defending.
- Defensive players may cross the foul line extended (8/9U) or top of the key (10+) on a lazy pass or loose ball.
- No double teaming or traps allowed

No use of isolation plays.

Each home team is required to supply a parent to maintain the scoreboard.

All spectators are required to wear masks at all times. Coaches and players are to wear masks when entering and leaving the gym. Masks are recommended but not required for players and coaches on the court.

*** 1st violation for failure to play defense described above is delay of game

2nd and subsequent violations is direct technical to coach

  1. Only head coach and assistant are allowed on bench. All coaches must stay on sideline unless acting as referee or attending to injured player
  2. League commissioner will make any and all schedule changes/cancellations. Whenever AACPS are closed due to poor weather or holiday all practices and games are cancelled. Phone (410 222-7312)
  3. League Commissioner must approve additional players to teams. All players must be registered with athletic committee

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