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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
BAYS Basketball

2019-2020 BAYS Basketball

Welcome to the Broadneck Youth Sports website. If you are looking for information about the basketball program, please use the navigation on the left hand side for your particular age level.

Our Basketball Programs Include:

Open Gym Times and Locations:

Open gyms are complete at this time. If we have any other opportunities for gym time prior to the season, we'll update here and send out an email. Thanks to everyone who came out!

County Evaluations:

Tryouts for our County Basketball teams are listed below. Every age group has one tryout on a weekend day and one tryout on a weeknight. You only have to attend one of the two. Our goal is to get one hour of evaluation time for each tryout. The additional time is for initial administrative check-in and time at the back end for questions from parents.
The weekday times are a little tougher than the weekend as we don't have as much gym time. We're scheduling a little overlap between the two times - the overlap time is the admin check-in time so please do not take the court until it is time for your age group tryouts to start.
There is no tryout for the 14 and up Teams.
Tues 10/15 -
Boys at Severn River
8U - 515-630
9U - 615-730
12U - 715-830
Girls at Arnold Elementary
9U - 615-730
11/12U - 715-830
Wed 10/16 -
Boys at Severn River
10U - 515-630
11U - 615-730
13U - 715-830
Girls at Arnold Elementary
10U - 530-645
13U - 7-815
As a reminder, please sign up prior to tryouts. If your son or daughter does not make a county team, they will be placed in the community league and you will get a refund for the difference in registration. I've also received a few questions on the number of county teams. BAYS policy has been, and will continue to be, that we will add as many county teams as we have players who we feel are ready for that level of competition and have someone willing to take on the coaching duties. So, just because we only had 1 team in the age group last year doesn't mean it will only be 1 this year.

Our goal is to have all teams formed, and parents notified, by Sunday 10/20. Practices will start around 11/1, but we may be able to accomodate a little earlier depending on gym time.

Community Evaluations:

Monday 10/28 @ Arnold Elementary School (kids have to enter the school from the back of the gym - go around the school to the right and the door is past the dumpster).
8/9 Girls from 530-630
8/9 Boys from 630-730
Tuesday 10/29 @ Severn River
10/11 Boys from 6-7
12/13 Boys from 7-8
12/13 Girls from 8-9
Wednesday 10/30 @ Arnold
10/11 Girls from 5-6

Our goal is to have the teams formed, and parents notified, within a week of evaluations ending and practices starting the following week (mid November). Please be patient as there are a lot of kids in our Community program and sometimes it takes a little bit of extra time completing this step.

Have Questions? Review our FAQ page or contact us:

Basketball Commissioner

Coed League Contacts:

Community League Contacts:

County League Contacts:

There will be a $25 fee for refunded registrations. There will be on refund once your child is placed on a Team.

Coaching Tools

Please use the below links for tools to help you with practice planning, drills, and other coaching tools.

  • Roving Instructor- Complete this document and we will have an instructor reach out to help you. Could be a phone call or having the instructor come to your practice to help. Please send the completed document to Jack Norton - jnortonj@yahoo.com
  • Official's Progression - A document outlining the progression of a referee. This is a continual work in progress.